Salón de la Inmersión - MedDiving EN 2017

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The MedDiving 2017 says goodbye by positioning itself among the best fairs in the European sector

This has been the edition of good numbers. Almost 150 exhibitors, 30% more than in 2016, companies from ten different countries, about 15,000 visitors despite the fact that this year we closed the fair on Sunday afternoon, a sector with good health with more than 15 million recreational divers in Around the world, some 28,000 federal licenses in Spain leading Catalonia with more than 200 authorized dive centers and a turnover that ranges between 20 and 30 million euros per year. In short, once again these three days of the fair, they have shown that the Mediterranean Diving is the reference point for the underwater activities sector and, in addition, it is positioned among the great fairs of the sector in Europe.

The most professional visitor on Friday, has given way to a much more familiar audience that has approached the Cornellà Fair both Saturday and Sunday. In general terms, the visitor seeks to know the latest generation materials, the benefits of underwater image capture equipment that has more and more fans and, thirdly, offers in destinations to organize the next dive trips. This year, it is again noted that the recreational diver seeks attractive seabed but also areas that can offer tourist charms. This trend confirms the importance of the sector in the so-called ‘blue economy’. For example, in Catalonia the average tourism expenditure related to diving is about 100 million euros a year, of which 20% is spent at the dive center and the remaining 80% corresponds to services such as overnight stays, catering, leisure, etc

At the fair it has also been revealed that underwater activities encompass a large number of disciplines far beyond diving. Among the most surprising we have been able to know even underwater hockey or underwater rugby. But of all of them it is the apnea that is experiencing the most boom right now. And so we have found in the pool installed in the fairground because of the great expectations that have been shown by several holders of national and international static apnea titles.

Technical details (Edition 2017)

Assistants: 15.000
Exhibitors: 150

Online Attendees : + 7.000
Total Attendees: + 22.000